Coming NOVEMBER 2024


We’re building the only fully-integrated, 5-layer privacy crime protection in the marketplace. For more than a century, intelligence services successfully shielded people from harm by cloaking identities in anonymity. With StealthMode, you’ can enjoy the same type of proactive strategies that prevent losses before they occur.

Cloak Harbor will calculate a StealthScore to track progress and inspire vigilance. We believe habits will form faster with a fun, educational, and rewarding system. We’ll also issue a tradecraft manual with detailed instructions on achieving near invisibilty. At our custom level of service, members will leave the grid thanks to an intelligence-grade cover identity and an affordable secure phone.


We’ll protect vulnerable and elevated-risk citizens alike.


Cloak Harbor’s StealthMode is achieved in collaboration with our experienced and reputable partners.

Secured Messaging is end-to-end encrypted messages. All chats, including their text and any files or media, are encrypted as the data travels between devices. Encryption converts data into scrambled text. The unreadable text can only be decoded with a secret key. Encrypted email prevents caching and harvesting. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) hide communications in an encrypted tunnel to keep outsiders from monitoring phone call or location. A secure mobile phone ensures apps and policies are sound and will remotely wipe data if it is stolen.


Cover Identities rely on trust and LLC corporation creation to produce a transactional cover or alias. A completely private LLC keeps sensitive information safe and sound. Private businesses protect identity and avoid a range of lawsuits. A private trust can be established and tailored in a secure manner using an estate planning vehicle that shields the beneficial owners of assets from everyone other than the Trustee. 


Anonymity can be established and tailored in a secure manner using an estate planning vehicle that shields the beneficial owners of assets from everyone other than the Trustee. The Trustee manages the assets while ensuring that certain long-term conditions remain in effect as set forth by the beneficial owners. Assets and property investments remain confidential and hidden from the public. An elite wealth and tax management partner helps smooth out any investment management, tax, bill pay, or other concerns.


Footprint Reduction, a version of which has been used by The Defense Intelligence Agency (which operates the Defense Clandestine Service and the Defense Cover Office), removes data from the internet, obscuring individuals. U.S. Intelligence and the military call their robust practices “signature reduction.” It’s used to describe operational security (OPSEC) measures for a variety of activities and operations. Source: Newsweek.


Identity Monitoring can detect uses of personal information that won’t show up on a credit report. This involves checks into databases that collect different types of information to see if they contain new or inaccurate information. Those could be a sign that someone is using personal information. Identity monitoring services may tell when information shows up in a change of address request, court or arrest records, orders for new utility/cable/wireless services, an application for a payday loan, a request to cash a check on social media, or on websites that identity thieves use to trade stolen information.


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